Relationship Chronicles: 3

6 Relationship Red Flags

  1. Still living at home: Ok, so you met a guy that you like and everything is going great. He invites you over to his place for dinner. You accept, of course. Knock on the door and find that his parents are also over there. This is their house and his mom cooked the meal. Pause! A grown man should not still be living at home with his parents. This is a sign that he’s not read to grow up, financially irresponsible and is depending on his parents, or is just a bum. The ONLY EXCEPTION would be that he lost his job and is temporarily down or is taking care of ill parents. Any other reason, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!
  2. NEVER invites you over: Nice guy, attractive, adores you, and treats you nice. You have been out to the movies a few times and he has been to your place multiple times. It’s been a few months and you’re wondering when he will invite you over or take you somewhere other than the movies. Every time you ask, he tells you some lame excuse about how his house is getting renovated or something else lame. PAUSE! He clearly is either ashamed to be seen with you in a well lit place, has a double life, or has a wife and kid at home! Either way, save yourself the trouble and move on!
  3. Moving TOO Quickly: A guy you have been seeing for about a week now, is telling you all the right things and making all of the right gestures. He treats you like a Queen and already talks about marrying you! PAUSE! Ok, granted I believe in love at first sight, but seriously?? This guy is either crazy, an ax murderer, looking for a woman to help solve his problems, desperate, or afraid to be alone. He will probably be obsessive and possessive or maybe even aggressive and controlling. UNLESS it’s love at first sight, drop him like a hot potato!
  4. CONSTANTLY Bad Mouths His EX: Say that you’re with a guy that you really like. He has this ex-girlfriend that really hurt him in the past but he can’t seem to let it go. Every conversation he talks about things that she used to do that bothered him, or maybe even the countless times that she hurt him. He always compares something that you do to something that she did and almost always immediately gets upset about it. PAUSE! First off, he shouldn’t still be talking about her because she’s an EX regardless. If he is in a new relationship she shouldn’t even be a factor. Plus, he compares you two which is another RED FLAG. Him badmouthing her makes him look tacky, resentful, and has some underlying anger issues. Not to mention the fact that he probably isn’t still over her. If this is the case, then THOU SHALL MOVE ON TO THE NEXT!
  5. MOMMAS BOY: You’re in a relationship with this guy who is great. You really like him and its obvious that he likes you too. The only problem is he is always at his moms house, always on the phone with his mother, lets his mother get involved in everything that he does and she kind of resents you. PAUSE! This is not a good relationship to be in because now you are the “other woman”. He is too attached to his mother and if you think there is a future in that, think again girl! He will more than likely put her before you and your relationship, she will be able to meddle in your lives and this will make things even worse. Especially if you get married. This will have you both in awkward positions and my advice to you is to LOOK ELSEWHERE!
  6. Fresh Out of a Relationship: Great guy, nice, and attractive. You two have been dating for about 1 month now. He wants to make it official, but fails to remember that he told you a month ago that he had just got out of a relationship. PAUSE! Anyone fresh out of a relationship needs time to heal themselves before getting back out there in the relationship world. Time heals everything. If you decide to go through with being his girlfriend, more than likely you will be a rebound. He has not had enough time to completely focus on himself, so he wont be able to focus on you. He is still in the recovery stage from his ex. You will only be his temporary fix to fill his loneliness. Give him time to get his life together, and then think about going steady. But for now, smooth sail yourself away from that island of misery!
Ladies, I hope that this was helpful and I hope it was enjoyable to read! Guys, I didn’t forget about you. I will make a list for you all as well soon!
Thanks for reading!
The Rambling Tea


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