Relationship Chronicles: 6

Guys, this post is for you! Are having trouble with dating or just can’t seem to make it past the first date? Well, look no further because I am about to school you on some things that you may be doing wrong!

5 Nasty Habits That Are NOT Attractive To Women

  1. Complimenting: Yep, that’s right. I said “complimenting”. If done correctly, this can get you far. But if you’re having problems in the dating field. you’re doing it wrong I’m sure. Instead of saying things like, “You look nice” say things like,”You are beautiful!”. Instead of saying “You’re outfit looks pretty.” say this, “You’re outfit looks nice and draws the right amount of attention to you.” Don’t be generic with your compliments or say things just because you “THINK” that is what she wants to hear. Actually mean the things you say.
  2. SPLITTING THE BILL: Ok, true enough in this day and age, there are a lot of women out there that strive to live equally with men. However, splitting the bill is NOT one of those times. I believe, that men should at least suck it and pay the bill for the first 2 or 3 dates. Even if she makes more money than you, this gesture will score you brownie points and show her that “CHIVALRY ISN’T DEAD”.  I know, I know, sometimes you can’t afford to do dinner and a movie with drinks all the time. But, if that is the case, you need to go somewhere else. Perhaps a romantic walk on the beach? That’s free!
  3. Trying to solve her problems: Women are “emotional fixers” and we want to make YOU feel better. Men are “physical fixers” and if there’s a problem, you want to fix it. We know this already. However, unless we ask for your help, don’t automatically assume that we can’t figure out our own problems. Some women need that, but most of us don’t. I am not saying don’t give us a foot massage after we complain about being on our feet all day. I am saying to empathize (the act of understanding someones problems or feelings) and support us.
  4. Text Issues: A text is a great alternative to talking on the phone. In some cases, I would rather text than hear someones actual voice(I know, I have issues.) Actually, I think that most people might actually prefer to text. However, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT text future plans, future dates, and full fledged conversations unless you just CAN’T call. Those things should almost always be done over the phone. Texts are meant for short hand messages and little thoughts during the day. Like, “thinking of you” or “I miss you” are text worthy and she would really enjoy seeing that while she is at work or running errands. But don’t text her the itinerary for the weekend you have planned together. Also, we are all grown adults here and although you feel “cool” being able to use emojis on your new IPhone, don’t turn into a teenager and send them nonstop. You will look like a teenaged girl and that is not masculine or even sexy, so STOP. We also have auto correct for a reason. This, “Ay girl. How U doin?” Or this, “WASSUP? WYD?” are definitely UNACCEPTABLE!
  5. Calories: Unless you both are “gym rats”, you better not bring up your caloric intake at the table. Women do that when we are on lunch dates with our friends, NOT with our boyfriends or dates. Doing this, will bring on a sense of judgment whether it was intentional or not. No one wants to feel that way, so STOP IT! Enjoy your burgers and fries so she can enjoy hers too!
Well guys, I hope you enjoyed and I hope you learned something as well! .
Was this helpful? What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading!
The Rambling Tea


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