Relationship Chronicles: 7

5 Things Needed for Your Relationship to Thrive

Sure everyone wants the perfect relationship where there is nothing but fluffy clouds of happiness, sugarcoated smiles, and everlasting memories all of the time. Unrealistic! Every couple has ups and downs but it is up to the two of you to decide if the relationship is worth having. If it is not,
someone needs to choose to walk away. If it is, you have to decide what needs work and what you are willing to do to make it work. Here is a short list of things to help with that:
  1. Kind, constant, and honest communication: Ok, if you have a problem in your relationship, the only way to solve the problem is COMMUNICATING. If you don’t speak it, your partner wont know. Open your mouth and let it out. The more you talk, the better.
  2. The will to work through problems: If you and your partner can face problems head on regardless of how difficult it may be, your relationship will be better off. You BOTH have to be willing to work through obstacles and disagreements. If not, good luck with your relationship lasting.
  3. Fun, fun, fun!: Who wants to be in a boring, dry, and dull relationship? I know that I don’t! Find out what you both like to do and do it! Go out there and have some fun together! Take some spontaneous trips, or surprise them with tickets to their favorite movie, or heck go on a road trip! You have to keep the excitement going!
  4. Emotional support: In a relationship, you and your partner are supposed to lift each other up. Be there for each other in times of need and show one another how much you care for them. Remember, actions speak louder than words! You can say you care for them all you want, but showing them as well will make the difference.
  5. Love, intimacy, romance, sex: These are the BUILDING BLOCKS. If you don’t love your partner, desire and intimacy wont be there either. The romance will also be nonexistent. Sex, well, you can get that from anywhere. But in a relationship, genuinely show and prove all 4 of these and I promise you both will be happier. If you feel that the spark is gone, figure out a way to get the fire started again.
There you have it readers! I will be making more additions to this list in later posts because a relationship is a lot of work and it takes a whole lot more that just these 5 things. I hope this helped someone and I also hope that it was enjoyable to read! Check back soon for more posts!
Thanks for reading!
The Rambling Tea


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