Talk of the Town: Honey Boo Boo Show Cancelled by TLC due to Mama June Dating a Child Molester

TLC has confirmed the decision to cancel their show, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”. Apparently, Mama June has began dating someone who has served jail time for being convicted of molesting a family member of hers!


According to TMZ, Mama June is dating the man who forced oral sex on her daughter, Anna. The man goes by the name of Mark McDaniel. He served 10 years in prison and was released in March this year. That is when McDaniel and Mam June began dating. Law enforcement say that the two aren’t doing anything wrong by dating each other and they wont do anything about it until someone does something illegal. The only thing that law enforcement can be done is keep him on “radar”.  McDaniel is also not legally excluded from being around anyone in the family except for Anna. Sources say that Anna doesn’t want anything to do with him or be around him and I don’t blame her! Child Services also can’t do anything unless the children are actually threatened.

If this isn’t the most disgusting thing I have heard about this week! I can NOT believe that A MOTHER who cares about her children and their safety would EVER date someone who HURT their child in this way! HOW can you say that you LOVE your children?!? HOW can you say that you even CARE about your children?! I DON’T CARE about forgiveness at this point! I pray for the safety of those children! But, Mama June, I have absolutely no respect for mothers like her! All for the “love” of someone else?! I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO EXPRESS MY ANGER TOWARDS HER! WHAT A SORRY EXCUSE FOR A PARENT! SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!

What are your thoughts on this situation??? I am very eager to know what my readers think!
The Rambling Tea

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