Talk of the Town: Stephen Collins Molestation Allegations Getting Even More Bizarre!

On October 13th, TMZ reported that Stephen Collins’ soon to be ex wife has accused him of using his fame from the show, “7th Heaven” to gain the the trust of two parents so that he could molest their child! If this allegation is true, it means that he would have molested ANOTHER CHILD back in 2007! Keep in mind, the incidents Collins confessed to on audiotape all occured no later than 1984.TMZ obtained an email that Faye Grant sent Collins where she stated this allegation. Grants says in the email,”prosecutors love ‘special circumstances”. First off, how does TMZ get this stuff??! Now, if you know anything about the key factors of a pedophile, gaining the trust of the parents to get close to their victim is definitely one of them. This allows access and allow time with the child. Scary right?!

A source connected to Collins told TMZ, “The notion that Stephen used his role on “7th Heaven” for any improper purpose is completely false and just another example of Faye fabricating a story to gain an advantage in the divorce proceedings.” I don’t know how true this is, but this all is unraveling and making Faye Grant look more and more shady when she could have reported him YEARS AGO!

I want to know your thoughts on this!
The Rambling Tea


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