Here we are again with Stephen Collins and his skeletons that are finally coming out of the closet!

Stephen Collins

Photo: Matt Sayles, AP

TMZ reported and confirmed that he is now under investigation by a third law enforcement agency for allegedly molesting/exposing himself to young girls. The victim herself came forward to file the complaint! FINALLY! The woman was 13 at the time and has now gone to law investigators with her allegations!

According to TMZ, sources say that the incident involves a relative of a neighbor during the summer of1983. On the released audiotape of Collins confession, he stated that he later “apologized” to the victim years later. The NY PD referred the investigation to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. because the incident occurred there. The investigation centers around indecent exposure ans the crime of annoying or molesting a child. Collins is listed as a “suspect.”

I really hope that something is done about this. It is very unfortunate, however, that it has been this long before anyone has said or done anything about this!

What are your thoughts on this matter?
Thanks for reading!
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