Talk of the Town:Paula Patton Files For Divorce; Stephen Collins Molestation Trial, Ex-Wife and Divorce

On October 9, 2014, TMZ reported that Paula Patton filed for divorce from her cheating and soon to be ex-husband, Robin Thicke.

 I know everyone remembers Thicke’ and his shenanigans from last year and earlier this year. Well, Patton had enough and decided to serve him those “papers’. Luckily for Thicke, Patton is willing to file for joint LEGAL and PHYSICAL custody of their son. Patton claims the date of initial seperation was February 21.
According to TMZ, Stephen Collins could end up in the clear as far as the New York investigation goes, but his molestation charges will end up being faced in his divorce trial from Faye Grant.
Sources told TMZ that Grant is set to present evidence during the divorce trial, including the audiotape with Collins admitting to the molestation of 3 girls. Her plan is to convince the judge to immediately separate her from Collins to insure that she is protected from losing any assets. Basically, she wants to save herself from losing any money if the victims decide to take legal action against Collins.
Grant also has been accused of persuading a witness to FALSELY claim that he/she saw Collins molest a girl that is not one of the 3 he admitted to molesting on the audiotape. Once the witness refused, Grant retaliated against the witness. Attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan told TMZ that the witness will testify in the November divorce trial.
First off, these molestation allegations, as well as the audiotape with Stephen Collins’ confession are only coming out because of the divorce which makes both Grant and Collins disgusting individuals in my eyes. Grant has known about her ex husband for all of these years and has said NOTHING. If ANY legal action is taken against Collins, the victims should come for Grant as well because she knew about them. Plus, Grant is only outing her husband to protect herself from losing money!They both deserve jail time if you ask me because if Grant knew about this and said/did nothing, she might as well have been the one doing the same thing!
What are your thoughts about this?
Thanks for reading!
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