The Time I: Got Hit On By A 60 Year Old!

Yes! You read the title right! Read on for the deets:

I am at a party hosted by a really good friend of mine. It was a pretty good turn out. There was a mixture of family and friends. The music was great and the vibes were chill. Everyone was having a good time and so was I.
If I’m not mistaken, I think I was the only black person there which really didn’t matter to me since I am very used to that. Ha! Any who, let’s get to what I was wearing and what I think caused the attraction to me in the first place other than my flawless brown skin. I had on a blue, above the knee lace dress.( No, it was not see-through either!) It was not tight, but it showcased the right things in the right places. The back had a cutout heart shape just above my upper back. It was very cute and I looked great in it.
I am staying to myself and getting a drink at the bar. You know, just minding my business. Then I feel these creepy eyes practically undressing me. It was very unsettling. You know how you can feel someone staring at you and their eyes are like daggers through your clothes and into your soul? Yea, that feeling. So I look over and I can see these creepy dagger eyeballs and the worst thing happens….HE SMILED AT ME! IT.WAS.GROSS! First off, I am NOT attracted to men in the golden years of age unless its Richard Gere, George Clooney, or Denzel Washington, get my drift? Plus, he had what looked like old dentures in his mouth. No offense to anyone reading that wears dentures, or anyone else that may be offended by this for that matter, but his teeth took me back to the George Washington era! You could obviously tell that they were dentures and worst of all, they were not those clean, stainless, and white ones you see on the denture commercials. His were just atrocious and brown like he had been eating wood or sewage! Once “George Washington” smiled at me, immediately I felt my stomach turn and my eyes were just stuck at his teeth.
I look away just so I don’t have to make eye contact or see those horrid teeth again! Next thing I know, I feel a light, cold, and clammy tap on my shoulder. I’m thinking to myself,”Please don’t let it be him. Let it be someone else, please!” Unfortunately, my first mind failed me and it was good old “George”. My heart dropped as he proceeds to ask me how old I am and why I am sitting at the bar alone. I lied and told him that I was 20(I was 22 at the time). BIG MISTAKE because this seemed to fuel him. “George” tells me how beautiful I am and how great I look in my dress. He offers to pay for any food or drink I want and take me out to dinner. GROSS! He then starts to tell me about how much money he made in a year off of his retirement and how much money he likes to blow at the casino on a regular basis. I am already over the conversation as well as creeped out that he felt the need to even approach me. That was easily detectable from my facial expression. Then, he drops a bomb on me when he says that he’s married. My first mind was shocked because I don’t think he should be hitting on anyone since he is obviously MARRIED, but since he smelt like he had been drinking since the day before, I brushed it off. But wait, there’s more! He then proceeds to tell me that he and his wife are SWINGERS and she wouldn’t mind a “young, brown skinned, babe” spicing it up in the bedroom! I immediately wanted to throw up in my mouth. Just the thought of this disgusting act alone was enough for me! I awkwardly smiled at him and told him that I was NOT interested and that I would NEVER, EVER be interested. Usually, when you deny someones request, they accept defeat. But not “George”. Instead he says,” Here’s my card. My personal number is on it and you call me if you’re ready to have some fun.” My facial expression was that of disgust. “George” winked, flashed those gross dentures at me, and walked off as if he had accomplished something. I had never been so grossed out, confused, and shocked in all my life.
Yep, this actually happened. No, his name was not really “George” but since his dentures were as brown as wood, his name was that for this story.
I hope you enjoyed! I will post more “The Time I:” stories. What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading!
The Rambling Tea


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