Christmas Wish List 2014…

Good afternoon readers and happy Sunday! I hope everyone enjoyed that extra hour of sleep because I know that I did!

Any who, let’s get to the topic at hand…CHRISTMAS! Yes, I know. I know! I am super early because THANKSGIVING hasn’t even arrived yet, but I have been anticipating this holiday since Christmas 2013! Sad right? I have put together a wish list for “SANTA” in hopes that I get at least 2 things from it! So, let’s get to it shall we!

  1. Keurig k350!—- I have been wanting a Keurig for about 2 years now! Anyone that knows me, knows how much I LOVE a good cup of coffee!
  2. A 2 Carat Oval, Halo styled, white gold or platinum, diamond ring!!—–Ok, pretty specific right? But a girl wants what she wants!
  3. MONEY!— That way I can buy whatever I want and not be disappointed about getting nothing!
  4. Hooded onesie pajamas!—-These are super comfy, CUTE, and perfect for cold winter weather!
  5. ANY kind of boots as long as they aren’t UGG Boots—–I think that UGG boots are atrocious. I love boots though, and if I could get just one or two pair of brown or black ones, that’d be great!
  6. A pair of Hello Kitty diamond ear rings!—I LOVE Hello Kitty and I got a pair for my birthday a few years back, but I lost them during a trip to NC to visit family…*sad face*
  7. A white or brown Michael Kors tote—– preferably a large one!
  8. Michael Kors white or rose gold watch—–Never had one and I have ALWAYS wanted one!
  9. A surprise getaway vacation of my choice!—–I have been in desperate need of a vacation these past few months and a trip to anywhere of my choice would just make my year!
  10. A new car!—I don’t need one, but it would be nice right?
  11. A new phone—- I have been looking at the Lg G Vista, the IPhone 6 Plus, and The Lg G3 “hint hint”
  12. MOST IMPORTANTLY….ALL OF MY FAMILY TOGETHER IN THE SAME HOUSE FOR THE HOLIDAYS!—-Who doesn’t miss the good old days as a kid? Spending time with your loved ones is the best part of the holidays!

So yea, “SANTA” please and thanks in advance for whatever it is “YOU” decide to get me this year! I promise you, I have been a really good girl and since I didn’t get anything last year, I think that this year should be like a redemption… 🙂


The Rambling Tea

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