Relationship Chronicles: 9


Everyone wants a good, healthy, and long-lasting relationship. However, not everyone is willing to take the extra steps and put in the extra work to get there.
    Now, if your relationship goals are to have matching clothes, a mansion, and matching cars, those aren’t the goals I am talking about. Those things are all fine and dandy, but they aren’t important and they aren’t actual milestones that people in a relationship should be really aiming for. When I say “Relationship Goals” I mean things like a successful marriage, a healthy and happy GOD fearing family, a home and lifestyle that you and your spouse are able to maintain successfully for your family, and being able to actually make it through obstacles and survive the DIVORCE PLAGUE that seems to keep spreading and getting  worse over the years!
     If our grandparents, great grandparents or people we see and read about in the news that have been together for decades based their marriage and relationships off of what many people do today, I guarantee that so many of us including our parents probably wouldn’t even be here. If they were to give up and quit when things got hard, like many people do today, we definitely wouldn’t have anything to base our relationships off of. Do you think they lasted for so long because they had a big house and matching Bentleys? No. Do you think it is because they both decided to give up? Absolutely not! If that was the case they would have been divorced faster than Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries!
      These days, it is so easy for people to just get married or have children just to say that they can. It is so easy to just give up and walk away without putting up a fight. Goals as far as relationships go, don’t even mean much to people anymore. Now, keep in mind that these are my opinions ans I am not in everyone’s situation. I am just giving my take on what I see and hear about. I also understand that there are many people that didn’t have good examples from their parents as far as relationships go. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t break the cycle.
     The point I am trying to make is that, “Relationship Goals” should be more than materialistic matters that you flaunt all over social media and to your friends and family to make them “jealous”. The real goals are the ones that you fight for to make your relationship last, keep your family strong and taken care of, and building it all around GOD. Those are the real goals my friends.
Thanks for reading!
The Rambling Tea

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