Relationship Chronincles: 10


I FINALLY have a new Relationship Chronicles post! I was on facebook lastnight and ran accross this article basically telling you how to tell if a guy is really into you. Sometimes, it evident, but other times, we may second guess the situation or are naive to the signs in front of us. Well, if you are in a situation like this, I am here to share this info with you and hopefully help you out! Here goes:

6 Signs He’s Sooo Into You!

  • He’s transparent– This can be a good or a bad thing. However, if your guy is NEVER evasive or vague, this is good. He never beats around the bush and is very straught forward about everything with you. He is showing you that he wants to be an “open book” so, read him and wheep!
  • He introduces you to his friends and family– Your guys is smitten by you. He wants to show you off and doesnt care what ANYONE thinks. If he is introducing you to the most important peiople in his life, then girlfriend you are much more than a CASUAL ACQUAINTANCE and he may be thinking about you being LONG TERM.
  • Includes you in his interests– If he likes to go on annual ski trips, he invites you. If he loves to go bowling, he wants you to go with him. If he is interested in hiking, he wants you to be apart of that as well. If he is seriously into you, he doesnt mind sharing all parts of his life with you. He doesnt compartmentalize anything!
  • Safeguards time with you– A guy that is serious about a relatioship with you will NOT let ANYTHING rob him of time that he can spend with you. REGARDLESS. (Well, maybe a family EMERGENCY but you get my drift) If you and him made plans for Saturday night, he isnt going to blow you off for his friends. Instead, he will show you how much the time you both spend together means to him and make sure that he honors that. He will do anything to spend that time with you.
  • More than superficialy curoius about you– Your guy actually listens to you and wants to know more about you. Your likes, your life goals, your hopes, and your dreams. He lets you do the talking, but actually listens and doesn’t “tune you out”. If that doesn’t show you he’s into you then, I dont know how much more clear he can make it!
  • He listens to you and respects your opinion– If your guy geninuinely cares about you, he will involve you in his decisions about everything in his life from which shoes you like best for him while shopping, to how he should handle a crisis at work. YOUR THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS MATTER TO HIM!

Reciprocate these if you care about him as well. Show him youre into him. Relationships are a two-way street. I hope this helped someone. If it didn’t, I hope it was enjoyable to read!


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