‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Finale Recap; SPOLIER ALERT!!

This has been the most talked about (and the most interesting) season of ‘The Bachelor’ in my opinion.



Out of so many girls, it was narrowed down to two:

Whitney- a 29 the fertility nurse from Chicago. During the season, she seemed to be the most genuine and their connection didn’t start from the beginning, but it was very interesting to watch. I don’t know about you guys, but Whitney had the most ANNOYING voice…I couldn’t stand hearing her talk most of the time. But, she was sweet and knew what she wanted.

Then, there was Becca- a 25 year old chiropractic assistant from San Diego. She was sweet, pretty, and to me, it seemed that Chris was more attracted to her than Whitney. She was the virgin that wasn’t really comfortable expressing her feelings and honestly, it didn’t really seem like she knew what she wanted. She was kind of BORING to me though.

So, who did hunk Chris Soules pick….Whitney or Becca?



Drum roll, please…..



He proposed to Whitney! Honestly, out of the 2, he picked the right one I think. She clicked with his family, she was ready to be a mom, a wife, and move to his hometown as well. I don’t think that Becca was really ready for all of that.

What did you think about the finale? Who did you want to win?



Also, there will be two Bachelorettes this year! Chris Harrison announced at the end of “After the Final Rose” that both Britt and Kaitlin from this season of ‘The Bachelor’ will be the Bachelorettes this year. Ultimately, 25 men will have to decide between the two of them on the first night. I like Britt, but she cries way too much for me. I like Kaitlin too, but there is something off about her to me as well.

Who will the guys choose? Who would you want it to be?


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Peace and Love,

The Rambling Tea

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