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Hello readers!  I hope everyone is doing awesome and has had an awesome week!  A friend of mine shared this video with me. I would like to share this with all of you! Please watch this, vote, and pass this on to someone else! It’s really a great watch! Just click the links below!  WATCH […]

Good morning:QOTD:Happy Saturday

Good Morning/Afternoon you all! I want to leave you all with this:    In other words, never let anyone treat you like crap. Never let anyone treat you like you’re not good enough. Never let anyone, ever, treat you like you are NOTHING. You should be treated like you are special, wanted, and important. […]


I just want to leave you all with this: I wish that all of my readers, family, and friends find happiness in whatever future endeavor is in store for you. Make a promise to yourself that whatever it is, it makes you happy. Time wasted or invested into something that doesn’t bring you happiness, is pointless. One […]

Ladies Night In: My Top Chick Flicks

Ladies! Grab some wine, snacks, and get ready! Whether they are our favorite romantic comedies, break up movies, or dramas this list is packed with perfect movies and some of my favorites! Although there are TONS more, here are my top chick flicks for ladies night: Mean Girls-  My absolute favorite! I can watch this movie […]

Return of the Tea Pot/Marriage Poll

Hello everyone! I apologize for the almost two month hiatus! I have been very busy with….LIFE! But, I am back so look forward to regular posting again! If you are new, WELCOME! Check out some of my posts and let me know what you think by leaving some comments. If you’re not new, you can […]


Have you ever just thought, “What am I doing with my life?” I have. It seems like I have been asking myself that question a lot these days. Especially in these past few.I feel like time is wasting and I am not doing anything. Days are going by and I am just, “living”. I have noticed that […]

Relationship Chronicles 11: How To Lose the Woman You Love for Good

Good morning readers! I’m back again, but not with an original post. This time it’s something that I read the other day and I’d like to share this with you all. I’m also editing from my phone so bare with me! 🙂 This is a Relationship Chronicles post. It’s general audience is men, however women […]