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Here we are again with Stephen Collins and his skeletons that are finally coming out of the closet! Photo: Matt Sayles, AP TMZ reported and confirmed that he is now under investigation by a third law enforcement agency for allegedly molesting/exposing himself to young girls. The victim herself came forward to file the complaint! FINALLY! […]

Talk of the Town: Stephen Collins Molestation Allegations Getting Even More Bizarre!

On October 13th, TMZ reported that Stephen Collins’ soon to be ex wife has accused him of using his fame from the show, “7th Heaven” to gain the the trust of two parents so that he could molest their child! If this allegation is true, it means that he would have molested ANOTHER CHILD back […]

Talk of the Town:Paula Patton Files For Divorce; Stephen Collins Molestation Trial, Ex-Wife and Divorce

On October 9, 2014, TMZ reported that Paula Patton filed for divorce from her cheating and soon to be ex-husband, Robin Thicke.                                                                   […]

Talk of the Town: ‘7th Heaven’ dad facing child molestation allegations!

I wish this was a more happier post. But I have to rant about this one! This truly saddens and upsets me because I am a 90’s kid and watched ‘7th Heaven’. Of course, the show has nothing to do with his sick actions. He is at fault for this. So, lets get to the […]